Sunday, May 1, 2016

All the aggregation that's fit to aggregate

Aggregation means the using content produced by other people and packaging them on one Web site.

The author calls Arianna Huffington “the queen of aggregation” because she has built a business model of taking posts from unpaid bloggers and placing the content on the Huffington Post. On the Huffington Post’s Web site, there are article links on the homepage that will actually link to another page. For example, an article titled, “Puerto Rico makes its most significant default yet,” is seen on the homepage of the Huffington Post. When you click on the article, it links you to a site called, “The World Post.”

Aggregation is a threat to professional journalism because it allows for the exploitation of less-qualified bloggers who are unpaid. These bloggers may have interesting thoughts, but in terms of journalistic integrity, most of these bloggers are not interested. However, the author does say The Huffington Post has now realized aggregation only takes you so far and has now hired more seasoned journalists, so it is still possible that professional journalism could enjoy a renaissance.

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