Sunday, May 1, 2016

YouTube as Participatory Culture

Interaction online becomes key for the YouTube video production community because people, specifically young people, go to YouTube to watch and comment on videos. By doing that, the website allows its users to converge the video medium with a medium that encourages social interaction between the producer and the consumer. However, because the site allows users to post their own content free of charge, such an interaction encourages new producers.

Youthful consumers of YouTube typically begin as passive consumers on the periphery, but once they watch several videos, monitor the comment stream, they eventually develop a sense of comfort. Once that comfort is obtained, the consumer then joins in as active consumers, interacting with the audience by adding their thoughts in the discussion on the comment stream.

YouTube allows several of its most influential content producers to use their site as a source of ad revenue, which takes ordinary folk and turns them into rather rich and even more influential producers. In addition, YouTube really encourages the consumers to join in on the action by convincing them that their posts matter just as much.

YouTube's next step is continuing to serve as a site that blurs the line between producer and consumer. With its participatory culture, it is conceivable that YouTube will be able to inspire more involvement from their passive audience and create even more of a powerhouse.

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