Sunday, May 1, 2016

Transmedia Storytelling 101

1.   Why is transmedia storytelling important in digital convergence communication?
Transmedia storytelling is important in digital convergence communication because it allows productions to live on in different platforms. This allows the production to enter the media convergence world, where audiences enjoy and strive to interact with different companies, organizations, or in this case, productions.  

2.   Why can the media business be beneficial more from transmedia storytelling in distributing their productions?
The media business can benefit from transmedia storytelling because it provides them with the means to communicate more ideas that they may not have been able to reveal in one medium. For example, Star Wars comics and video games can help reveal some additional background information for the movies.

3.   How can transmedia storytelling be beneficial for different bodies of audience in consuming productions?
When different bodies of audience continue wanting to consume more and learn more about the productions, transmedia storytelling allows the audience to continue its consumption, so the story never really ends.

4.   How can transmedia storytelling be worked out in terms of collective intelligence in the process of production?
Transmedia storytelling can be worked out in terms of collective intelligence because one portion of the audience may have read a comic, for example, and in forums, bring up information to be shared with fellow audience members.

5.   How does transmedia storytelling encourage the interactivity with the audience?

Transmedia storytelling encourages interactivity with the audience because after the audience consumes one medium, they look for additional ways to keep the story alive. In doing so, the audience can interact with the producers and other fans to discuss the production on several different platforms such as social media, video games, etc.

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